SONOS Play:1 2-Room Streaming Music Starter Set Bundle Review

These speakers are small and super light weight so we weren’t sure what to expect but we were blown away by the way they delivered. Even in a relatively small home studio, the separation is very clear and distinct. Don’t be fooled by the size. Keep in mind that the technology in these speakers is cutting edge. You will surely be impressed by the output volume and quality!

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  • Mini but Mighty. Fits in any space, fills any room with surprisingly rich and powerful sound
  • Play different songs in different rooms at the same time. Or, pump one song in perfect sync, throughout your home. Power supply : Auto switching 100 240 Volt, 50 60 Hertz AC universal input
  • Set up in five minutes using your home Wi Fi. Easily expand your home audio system over time by adding wireless speakers to additional rooms whenever you’re ready
  • Wirelessly Stream all your favorite music services like Prime Music Unlimited, Pandora, Apple Music, and Spotify
  • Perfect for home theater rears or a stereo pair. Wall mountable

Sonos Play 1-2 Room Streaming Music Starter Set