Affordable 5.1 Surround Sound System

Affordable 5.1 Surround Sound Home Theater Sound

Logitech 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker SystemI’m not going to say that the Logitech Z906 sound system is great for the price.

The fact of the matter is: It’s Great for ANY price. I’m super impressed with the sound quality.

The bass is nice, round and full. The highs are crisp. I love how each sound is so clearly defined. For example,  when someone is walking through leaves, you can distinguish it from other sounds. (Of course, this depends on the film and the way they do the sound mixing, but if it’s there, you will hear it.)

Logitech-5.1Couldn’t wait to have friends over for movie-night.  I did. It was a success. Yes, they were blown away.  This coming weekend: Movie Night again!  At my house, of course.

So, I read all the reviews and did months of comparisons. I’m glad I did, and I’m glad that I went with  Z906.

The system sounds much better than systems that are far more expensive. 3x even. Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon

  • 5.1 digital surround sound: Hear every detail in your Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks the way the studio intended. Subwoofer: 165 Watts
  • THX-certified home theater speakers: Your assurance of true cinema-quality sound. Satellites: 4 x 67 W, wall mountable
  • Delivers a continuous 500 watts of power, with the ability to deliver a peak of 1,000 watts under certain circumstances: Thunderous, room-shaking audio with deep bass you can feel
  • Flexible setup: Connect up to six devices—computer, music player, TV, game console and more.
  • Easy sound control: Compact control console and wireless remote let you instantly personalize your surround-sound experience
  • System Requirements: Works with any device with either a headphone jack (3.5mm), RCA, six-channel direct, digital coaxial input or optical input.  Check Price on Amazon