What are the Best Home Theater Headphones? [2019]

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What Headphones are Really  the Best:

The Importance of Audio:

They say that audio can make a good movie better. But even a good movie, beautifully shot, is ruined by bad audio. This is true. This is also one of the reasons that we are so particular about sound quality.

Our research is exhaustive and, at the same time, it is a labor of love. We’ve tested many headphones. We’ve even taken into consideration the recommendations of the more reputable sources so as not to leave anything out.

Power AcoustikWhat Not  to Hear

What perplexes us most was that some of these recommendations were odd, to say the least.
Forbes (Wire Cutter), for example, recommended Power Acoustik as a top pick.  For this reason, we were anxious to test them out.

What we found is that the build quality was not so great. Not only this, they were not at all comfortable. The sound is just O.K. not exceptional. The only real plus is the price and the range. So, we won’t even bother to go into the specs.

All this to say; we only recommend the best;

But before we do, and in fairness to Wire Cutter; they also recommended the Sennheiser RS 175. HereSennheiser RS 175 we fully agree. We are fans of Sennheiser in general.

Though not on our 2018 list, these headphones fit nicely! They cover the entire ear and are quite comfortable. Some may not like this feature or might find that the feel is unusual but because of the size and shape, there is no irritating pressure against the ear. Also, the fit works towards keeping the sound out.

The sound quality is great.

Our Top Headphone choices

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